The company has managed to meet the demands of an increasingly specialized and diversified market,
offering a wide range of hoists according to the various capacity and configuration needs.

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RWM, experience and innovation

The guarantee of a “Made in Italy” product

The company is organized to understand the needs and evolution of international markets. RWM has been able to match experience and innovation that have always been the basis of our work in a single expression, creating high-level products.
Another strong point is the company organization: it is in fact inside the new factory that all the design, commercial and production phases are managed, guaranteeing a Made in Italy product of the highest quality.
RWM Costruzione Paranchi Vicenza
RWM a Vicenza Costruzione Paranchi
RWM a Vicenza Paranchi elettrici
Paranchi elettrici RWM Vicenza
RWM Vicenza Costruzione Paranchi elettrici
RWM Paranco WR gru
RWM Paranco monorotaia inox 0,5t


The reliability of RWM as a manufacturer of electric chain hoists is confirmed by the application of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality system. Each machine, in fact, before being placed on the market is checked, tested and guaranteed by the CE marking.

The hoists are built in compliance with European regulations:

  • Machinery Directive (DM) 2006/42 / CE
  • Low voltage directive (DBT) 2014/35 / UE
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) 2014/30 / UE.

The hoists are placed on the market accompanied by all the documentation required by international regulations.

certificato RWM RINA
certificato RWM IQNet