The W series is characterized by its small size that allows the customer to make the most of the available height. The capacity ranges can vary from 125 to 1000 kg with a single pull of chain.

The lifting engine

It is a cylindrical three-phase self-braking engine with an electromagnet, available in various versions, all with class F insulation.
Hoists are built according to FEM class 2m, power supply 230/400 50 Hz, and they can be supplied for any voltage upon request. The motor brake system is 103V electromechanical spring type. Degree of protection is IP 54. The machine must work in a covered environment free of vapors; for different environments or outdoor use please ask to the company.

The load limiter clutch

It is a safety device that limits the maximum travel both upward and downward and acts as a limiter for overloads.

The reducer

It is an epicyclical type reducer lubricated with permanent grease. It is built in high resistance steel and subjected to heat treatments, thus guaranteeing a long life. With the recommended lubricants the hoist is able to operate in environments with temperatures between -20 ° C and + 50 ° C.

The electrical panels

They are produced according to the CEI-EN 60204 standard with the traditional wiring system, they are located inside the special plastic box and they are possibly available in aluminum version too.

The 24V low voltage autotransformer and excellent quality meters allow the hoist to carry out a high number of operations equal to 240 starts / hour.