Portfolios - RS series push trolley configuration

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 RS series push trolley configuration

This type of configuration is used when the need for the maximum available height between the ground and the beam must be combined with the need to move the load also laterally, changing the starting position. In this case the translation is free, manually pushed by the operator.

Schema confronto paranco normale e ribassato
1 • More installation space  |  2 • Normal size  |   3 • Lower headroom
Paranco Serie W Ribassati a spinta

Technical specifications and dimensions W-RS • 125 kg >> 1000 kg

W500-RS draw
W1000 RS draw
Technical Specifications W-RS ok

Technical specifications and dimensions WR-RS • 1000 kg >> 5000 kg

WR2000 RS draw
WR3000 T1 RS draw
WR3000 T2 RS draw
Technical Specification serie WR2000 RS
Technical Specifications W WR 3000 RS 1
Technical Specifications W WR 3000 RS 2